Starborn Wanderers is a Sci-Fi Heroic Saga

In the distant future, humanity has found a shelter on the planet Terra Nova in a remote sector of the galaxy. But one fateful day, this shelter was destroyed by a mysterious alien spaceship - the survivors named it "Ravager." Though the planet was destroyed, some of the humans managed to escape, and they made the Phoenix Space Station their new home.

Players will take the role of a cadet who is about to graduate from the Military Space Academy, an elite military institution, where only the best of the best study.

Uncover the mysteries of the unique Starborn Wanderers universe. A flexible role-playing system and a huge selection of ships (each available for customization accordingly to your play style) are at your service. And most importantly: a gigantic universe is open for you to explore.

Fight vicious space pirates, take trading missions, search for treasures, take part in an epic story, and explore the vast reaches of space. Begin your adventure now!

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